At some point you must realize that
simply being who you are is perfectly fine.
It's your only chance for authentic joy and
the unfolding pathway to finding your true breath.
One-on-one coaching with a master trainer and creative practitioner.
The Dawn Of New Era in Your Life

Pathways to Creative . . .

Open the pathways to creative expression and discover the wealth of genius that is yours, available when you need it. Through a series of scaffolded sessions, your inner artist will emerge like a welcome friend. Unblock the flow of creative expression by allowing specific, repeatable practices get you into flow. Reset your creative space with life giving elements that focus and renew your awareness and energy.

Master the tools to insight and intuition that keep you tuned in and turned on. This phase of coaching is designed to give new breath to your productivity with fresh tools, innovative practices and mind expanding habits. 90 minutes per week, customized to your schedule and needs. In person when possible, otherwise through online meeting with video.

You’re in the flow! Now take your practice to new levels with lifelong skills and practices to keep you in a continual state of awareness and power.

Bid farewell to humdrum days where you wait for energy and inspiration. This phase of coaching focuses on long-term practices of creative mastery. Learn to balance high-capacity downloads of genius with mindfulness and poise. For the business owner, entrepreneur and creative professional, this customized program of coaching, audio reinforcement and mindful practices builds a solid foundation for professional, high level productivity that will feel like a mind massage. Get ready to skip 20 years of silent retreats as you provide your internal team the creative giant that gets results.

From a place of creative abundance, well-being and joy, Pathways to Creative Transformation allow you to move from practitioner to provider. As you embody the essence of creative consciousness on the planet, learn to ground for others the principles of creative well-being through mere presence. As a master practitioner, you are equipped with high level tools and frameworks to manifest entirely new patterns and solutions for yourself and others. Learn advanced techniques in creative consciousness that blow out boundaries to expression and flow in your family, company, organization or community.

Welcome to Pathways to Creative Well-Being.

Every coaching client is unique but the process is always more or less as follows.


What are you saying to yourself about your creative abilities?  We start here with your self-talk.  Whatever you think about yourself, you are more than that! You have powerful creative capacities, probably untapped.  Every aspect of your life is affected: relationships, career, health and fitness, spirituality . . . Language is the key!


Experiment with and adopt practices of creative well-being.  Your path depends on your specific needs and background. Creative Pathways will restore, renew and reconnect you to the creative genius inside you. 


Anything new takes a while to take hold and generate neural pathways you can reliably count on.  The pattern is what allows you to engage in new thinking.  It becomes your new normal, ushering in the results you've been wanting all along. 

A Coaching Process that Works.

Intuitive Coaching that builds, nurtures and empowers.
The most powerful asset you have is your mind.