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A Continuous State of Conscious Evolution

What does it mean to be in a continuous state of joyful conscious evolution? For one, it means that in every circumstance, whether good or bad, full of joy, struggle… --In every circumstance-- it is the experience of myself divinely inspired, and joyously evolving. Every such moment provides you the opportunity to return to love. Many circumstances and life structures will offer the lure of security. The lure of a steady job, a familiar location, the same food and drink--every normal circumstance to which we become accustomed-- convey a subtle but misleading suggestion of familiarity and security. It is your constant opportunity to say yes to evolving your awareness into ever expanding awareness. There does not need to be a sense of departure, longing, or long-suffering with the uncomfortable, but instead in every life circumstance you bring all of yourself to bear. Your stories, memories, skills, insights, and wisdom beyond your own conscious awareness are all brought forward to the present moment and available to help you express infinity. Most of our society focuses on notions of security that are largely based on physical characteristics and financial attributes. Our reliance on nonrenewable resources is one indication that we have yet to loosen our grip on fear and let go of the familiar that too often holds us stuck in patterns of waste and environmental harm. At the personal level, every evolutionary conscious experience invites us to circulate the ever-new life force energy that takes us beyond the physical acquisition of material goods.

As you grow in awareness, your sense of security becomes based on extraordinary abundance. You come to understand the unseen world which provides resources beyond our ability to physically see and comprehend. As we move from self-identification to self-consciousness, our old mindset that focused on survival, hoarding, and control begins to give way to a new freedom in awareness that everything needed has already been provided. When you enter into this field of awareness, you sense that the resources available are numerous. Whatever tool, technique, or modality that helps you to love more, give more, and see more – – whatever moves you to embrace life and love – – do that behavior and do it often. Participate in spiritual practices as a declaration of your giftedness and your expression of gratitude that brings more life and more life. When your soul is overjoyed and you are able to sit in a place of continuous awareness, a field of prayer in which you are in touch with God, from this field of awareness you are able to choose higher for yourself in the present and in future moments. It is in these moments that you are able to tap infinite resources available to all. The freedom of awareness itself is empowering. As you expand your awareness of your true nature, independent of external circumstances, you are able to yield, to say yes to the being who is you and to co-create the world as a beautiful more conscious and aware place. 

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