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Meet Bradley Tompkins

Bradley Tompkins offers 30+ years’ experience in the transformation field.  A certified clincial hypnotherapist and master practitioner of NLP, his coaching is like none other. 

Combining formal education in English Language and Literature (BA), information systems (MIS) and communication, Bradley creates powerful tools and practices to transform lives and generate repeatable results. 

Schedule a discovery session at no charge using the link below.

  • Meet with Bradley

  • "Let me tell you this: in one session with Bradley, I experienced more emotional release, more connection, and more authenticity than I did in 6 months of another expensive, year-long coaching program I had signed up for. I dropped that coach and now work exclusively with Bradley when I need career or relationship support. Relationships matter. Quality matters. I have NEVER experienced transformational coaching like I have with him. I swear his genius is from another planet!"

    L. Brahms, LMFT

    Los Angeles

    "I was able to move through something that I thought was supposed to be a painful process. It was actually fun and lighthearted, even though the issues were deep-rooted; he really made the process easy and enjoyable, not painful. I know he is working with the unconscious mind to do that. Today, I don't have the blocks that I had: I just feel so ready in charge to go! Not only in my business, but physically. I totally recommend him 100%. If you're a coach, don't hold yourself back by not doing this work for yourself! We love to help others, but serve yourself also. Give yourself the gift of working with Bradley!"

    E. Sullivan, Wellness Coach


    "Working with Bradley has been such a soul-activating energetic connection. I have been working on the evolution of my soul and intuitive connection for a while now and this program is exactly what I needed to unlock the next level for me. It's taking me to the next level to create my identity and open my eyes to the gifts I have to offer my clients. With Bradley’s guidance, I have been able to go within in a new and profound way. His unique abilities, new tools and high frequency form a powerful combination for massive transformation! If you are ready to break through the barriers that hold you back, the Tompkins Method will change your life. I know it has mine!"

    J. Weeks, Coach and Energy Healer

    San Diego

    "Bradley is an NLP ROCK STAR! I asked Bradley to conduct a Personal Transformation Session with me after hearing him teaching some advanced NLP topics in a Zoom call. As a Master Practitioner and trainer of NLP myself, I feel I’m qualified to assess not only his teaching, but the session I experienced. Here’s what I told him: the value I received was far higher than the modest investment. Bradley knows his stuff! He was patient and compassionate but kept the process moving so I got the changes I came for. In several follow-up sessions, he took me through completely new coaching techniques I’ve never seen before! Incredibly effective and long-lasting. I recommend him wholeheartedly!"

    SP, Real Estate Investor

    San Diego

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